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&186; 200?

Today my parents got me a new computer chair. yay! My old one shit the bed last night (has anyone heard that expression before? Because my sister never has).

I spent my day like a loser does...playing online along with the television on gsn.com. And I've been writing chapter 30 of My Escape in between...9 pages so far...still probably abouuuuut 5 or 6 to go I think. It's taking forever but I don't want it to suck so I guess it's worth it.

I'm talking to Andie now. She just suggested we run away together. It's the best offer I've gotten all day lol. Well, at least I have someone to talk to.

I invited Alyssa over today and she said she'd be over in about an hour. Two hours later, she actually comes. But only stays for an hour because she has dinner @ 6. So I asked her if she wanted to come back over and she said she had stuff to do. But watch, she'll call me tomorrow when she's bored. That just pisses me off because I know all she does is play Halo 2.

And yeah, at this point, I don't think best friends exist anymore.

Anyway, the whole point of my subject line is that when I get to entry 200 I'm going to get a new lj. Soooo I will let you guys know what that is when I know.
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